Celebrate Women

Inspiring people of all genders, ages and races to re-imagine how women are valued


SIS gives a big shout-out to all those supporting SIS Productions, our Celebrate Women campaign and our production of Impenetrable! Want to join this Star studded list? It’s easy! Check out our video for more info!

SUPERSTAR ($250 – $499 Donors):

Aya Hashiguchi Clark

Kathy Hsieh

ROCK STARS ($100 – $249 Donors):


Angelie Chong

Melvin Inouye

Friends & Family of Sara Javkhlan

Agastya Kohli

Lori Matsukawa

Lisa Marie Nakamura

Steven Ono

Yuna Park

Roger Tang

ALL-STARS ($50 – $99 Donors):


Leilani Berinobis

Glenn Blumstein

John Bradshaw

Jason Choi

Henry Drew

Michael Golamco

Joey Ing

Nancy Lee

Kelly Mak

Jan Nakamura-Keltner

Ron Simons

ANGELS ($25 – $49 Donors):


Loana Butoi

Christi Cruz

Lauren Davis

Mary Ann Midori Goto

Thomas Kempf

Ryan Majoris

Christine Martin

Viet Q. Nguyen

Deepa Sivarajan

Melissa Slaughter

Tom Tran

Zheng Wang

Joseph Steven Yang

SUPPORTERS (up to $25 Donors):

Stan Asis

Dean Farell Bruggeman

Maria Glanz

Joan Govedare

Ny Lantrip

Patrick Lennon

Bettie Luke


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