Celebrate Women

Inspiring people of all genders, ages and races to re-imagine how women are valued


SIS Productions, an all-volunteer company created to provide leadership opportunities and decision-making roles for Asian American women, is launching a campaign to Celebrate Women through all the work that we do – on stage, behind the scenes, and in the community. SIS hopes to inspire people of all genders, ages and races to re-imagine how women are valued in our culture. Envision what might be possible if women are appreciated for their accomplishments over their looks, size or weight. Where young girls are taught to reach their full-potential. Where women past a certain age are sought after for their wisdom and advice rather than fading into invisibility.

Coming soon!

Fractured Folktales Asian American Style!

Join SIS Productions as we bring to life a delightful collection of deliciously fun, family-friendly folktales very loosely inspired by Asian folklore and penned by Asian American female writers! Coming June 2017! Check back here in May for more details!

We’ll be using social media, contests, the press, internet, partnerships with other women-run groups and a variety of events to get people talking, thinking and taking action towards enacting this change. To anchor the campaign, SIS is producing different events throughout the year.

Bookmark this site and check back often! Be sure to view the EventsConnect, and Links pages for fun ways to participate.

Special thanks to 4Culture and ArtsWA for their continued support and to The Russell Family Foundation for their recent project grant.

If you’d like to get email updates about the campaign including special event info, discount opportunities, and chances to honor the women in your life,  we invite you to sign up.

Join the celebration – support our campaign, spread the word, and Celebrate Women!

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